Tips For Choosing A Window Cleaner

If you don’t wish to or can’t clean your own windows, then hire a professional window cleaning company to handle it.

Professional Window Cleaning

Sadly, choosing the best window cleaner can be a tug of war in view of the avalanche of window cleaners in the market.

Consider the following tips when shopping for a credible window cleaner:

  1. Insurance

Before you hire a window cleaner for your property, check out what protection they offer your property. Are they insured or not? This is important in the event that something is damaged in your home, perhaps a broken window or someone gets injured during the cleaning exercise. A professional window cleaning company should have auto insurance, liability insurance, and other related insurance policies that guarantee the security of your property and the safety of the cleaners.

  • Experience

Years of experience in the business also counts. A company with years of experience in the business will probably do better than a new startup. Such a company has also had some satisfied customers, that’s probably one of the reasons they are still in business. A new company may not offer that assurance. So, find out how long the company has been in the window cleaning business.

  • Staff

Many homeowners won’t allow a cleaning company with badly dressed staff who can’t conduct themselves in an orderly manner on their property. You probably share their sentiment.

A cleaning company’s staff should be well trained and show all signs of professionalism when working on your property. The employees shouldn’t be smoking around or litter your home.

They should be certified by the right regulatory body as qualified to work as professional cleaners.

Check these before you hire a company for your window cleaning. That is an assurance that your property is in good hands.

  • Online reviews

Check the company’s reputation. Find out about the company online. Check previous and existing customers’ assessment of the cleaning agency as well. If you can find online reviews about the firm, that’s cool.

Compare the number of positive reviews to the negative one. Make your decision based on the result of the comparison.

Splash & Sparkle ticks all the boxes. The cleaning company is staffed by employees that are fully checked and approved for operation by Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This is proof of their professionalism and qualification for window cleaning.

With 5 years of experience in the business, Splash & Sparkle is the best window cleaner for your property. Rest assured that your property and the company’s staff are fully insured too.

Call us today on 01494 355301 if you are looking for a professional, regular and reliable window cleaning service.

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