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Cleaning your windows should be pretty easy. You have tons of cleaning methods to choose from. However, a cleaning method stands out: Water Fed Poles. 

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Gone are the days when all you needed to clean your windows were vinegar solutions and newspaper. Water Fed Pole is a modern technology that is designed with efficiency and awesome cleaning experience. 

The pole is a long pole with a brush on the top. The pole is extendable to give you access to some areas outside your natural reach. 

There is a pump system, usually van mounted but can be trolley mounted. It is used for pumping purified water for cleaning the windows. With the long brush and the purified water, you have everything you need to clean your window. The cleaning method is efficient is cleaning leaves, dust, pollen, dirt, and other pollutants from your windows. 

The extendible pole makes the cleaning method ideal for skylights, roof lights, and especially, hard-to-reach windows. 

You may be wondering why using purified water when ordinary water is readily available and more accessible. Consider some of the benefits of this cleaning method.

Benefits of Water Fed Pole

Water Fed Pole cleaning method offers the following benefits over other techniques you may be familiar with: 

1. It offers extended reach

Most modern homes have some windows that can’t be reached with ease. If you have tried to clean the skylights in your home, you will understand how difficult that can be. 

However, with this cleaning method, the pole offers you the opportunity to clean such places easily. The extendible pole can reach up to 70 feet. 

2. It is safer

When cleaning hard-to-reach windows, you need a ladder. This poses some risks. Treacherous ladders may snap while cleaning with dire consequences. There is no need for squeegees and bucket for balancing, equipments that may disappoint when least expected. You also don’t have to gamble with extension ladders as well. This makes the cleaning method far easier. 

3. Cleaner windows

Normal tap water are not as efficient as purified water. The former contains some dissolved minerals that will leave some smears and spots when used for cleaning. on the other hand, these minerals are removed during the purification process. Thus, purified water wont’ leave such stains behind because it is pure. 

4. Environmental friendly

You don’t use detergents or chemicals for cleaning with this method. You only use 100% pure water. This saves the environment from the destructive effect of cleaning chemicals. Thus, our environment will be safer with the adoption of this environmentally friendly cleaning technique. 

5. Provided by Professional Window Cleaning Companies

Water fed pole window cleaning is provided by many professional window cleaning companies, ourselves included.

When you choose Splash & Sparkle for your window cleaning then you will be choosing experience, expertise and cleaning with ultra pure water!

Call us on 01494 355301 for a local & reliable window cleaner.

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