High Wycombe Education

Whether you are looking for the best college for yourself or your child, High Wycombe has some colleges that offer quality education. If you don’t know the best one to choose, here is a list of some of the top-rated colleges in High Wycombe: 

1. Wycombe Abbey School

This is an all-girl school and will be a great choice for yourself or your daughter. The school offers qualitative education that makes it rank among the best in the town. 

An independent school, the school adopts the selective admission process. This ensures that only the best brains are given the opportunity to attend this school. 

To build a great future for its students, the school combines great teaching with the cultivation of a culture of curiousity and independent learning in the students. 

The school’s mission is to create an environment where every girl will flourish. 

2. Highcrest Academy

Highcrest is an academy school. Located at Hatters Lane, the mixed gender school is committed to building students with high moral and academic excellence. The school is determined to help their students “enjoy their learning and to become thoughtful, articulate, confident, and responsible members of society.”

To achieve its objective, the school combines its great academic performance with a personalized curriculum that creates space for community projects, extra-curricular opportunities, and competitions. Thus, both students and staff are encouraged to work together as a team to achieve their common goal.

 3. Amersham & Wycombe College

This college runs an impressive collection of school courses. It is staffed by experienced teachers who are dedicated to giving their students the best education. 

It has different departments where students are exposed to the outside world with a view to equipping them for the future. The departments are well equipped to achieve this goal. 

For instance, the Media department can boast of motion capture facilities. This college is considered to be the only one in the country to have this learning aid. 

A well-equipped school with a friendly and dedicated staff obviously deserves a mention among the best colleges in the town. 

4. Royal Grammar School

Royal Grammar School combines a great environment with result-oriented teach to book its place among the top-notch colleges in High Wycombe. 

The wonderful setting is conducive to learning while the staff is passionate about turning their student into the better versions of themselves, both academically and otherwise. 

The male-only school offers both day and boarding facilities to cater to the need of parents who want boarding education for their sons. 

These are some of the best colleges in High Wycombe. They promise to offer you the best all-round education. 

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