Awkward Access Gutter Cleaning & How We Handle It

It can be quite challenging to keep your gutter clean if it is very difficult to access. Hard-to-reach gutters require a lot of efforts to clean. If you are the busy type or you don’t have the strength to handle the cleaning, we are just a phone call away from you. 

At Splash and Sparkle, we handle all sorts of external cleaning services, including specialist gutter cleaning services

Our team of professional cleaners is trained to handle such tasks. The team also has the right tool to reach the most difficult gutters. Take a look at some of our tools: 

1. Ladders

We have extendable professional ladders that we can use to reach the top of your property. This enables us to reach some places you may be unable to reach on your own. 

The ladder is also adjustable, giving us the opportunity to adjust it according to the right height that will enable us to reach your gutter and work on them with relative ease. 

gutter cleaner

2. Gutter Vacuums

If we don’t want to use ladders, we have gutter vacuums too. The vacuums come with flexible fiber poles that make access to gutters easier. It is safer than ladders and very efficient at removing debris from your gutters to prevent blockage. 

Gutter cleaning

3. Access Towers

Regardless of how awkward the gutter is, we also have a wide range of access towers to enable us to reach the gutter and do our job. These towers come with steps and podiums that make them safe and easy to use. 

They are lightweight and can be adjusted to the desired position. Thus, getting access to your gutter won’t be a problem for us. 

4. Cherry Picker

With this hydraulic plane with a platform for lowering and raising people, we have the perfect tool to reach heights that other climbing tools may be unable to reach or where they are not safe to use. 

Also known as man lift, boom lift, or basket crane, we can manipulate its position to the desired position that makes it easier for us to clean your gutters conveniently. 

gutter cleaning with cherry picker

5. Rope Access

In rare cases, we use this tool to reach the most difficult gutters. With this tool, we don’t need cradles, scaffolding, or any other aerial work platform to work on your gutters, no matter how awkward to reach they are. 

We have partners in the industry who are specialists in high level rope access cleaning.

Call us on 01494 355001 for help with all of your gutter cleaning requirements.

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