We continually invest in market leading equipment to ensure that we have the best tools available – leaving your external surfaces cleaner than you imagined possible!

Van Mounted Honda GX390 WS202 – 21 Litre Per Minute Petrol Driven Pressure Washer

The Honda GX390 engine is renowned for its reliability while producing the 13hp required to drive the market leading Interpump WS202 high pressure pump.

Correct use of the machine means that we are able to adjust the pressure accordingly depending upon the surface we are cleaning and also the water temperature that we are cleaning with.

Mazzoni Firebox

The Mazzoni Firebox is plumbed in directly after the water leaves the pressure washer and is capable of heating 25 litres per minute.

The industry leader in boilers is capable of heating water to 150 degrees, producing pure steam for incredible cleaning results on the most delicate of surfaces including very old and delicate limestone buildings.

Our firebox is not used on every cleaning job but is most commonly used for brick cleaning, stone cleaning, paint removal and graffiti removal.

Flat Surface Cleaners

Our Flat Surface Cleaners, also known as “whirlaway’s” in the industry clean by directly water at an angle across the surface, in a circular motion.

When the flat surface cleaner is combined with the correct nozzles, water flow and pressure they are exceptionally fast at cleaning most flat surfaces.

Flat surface cleaners are most commonly used for driveway cleaning, patio cleaning and car park cleaning.

Telescopic Lance Flat Surface Cleaner

The mini flat surface cleaner is 8 inches wide and is mounted to a carbon fibre telescopic pole, reaching approx. 20ft from the operator.

The perfect tool for cleaning brickwork and any higher level cleaning tasks including roof cleaning.

Turbo Nozzle Lance

The turbo nozzle is the first choice when it comes to thoroughly cleaning block paving joints.

The rotary nozzle spins a zero degree water spray across a 4-5 inch circle, rotating with over 3000 rotations per minute. The water jets hit the surface from multiple angles quickly breaking down dirt, grime and ripping grass and weeds from between block pavers.

Steam Cleaning Lance

Our specialist steam cleaning lance is as the name suggests only used when we are cleaning with steam.

The lance has a ceramic tip for detailed cleaning at temperatures up to 150 degrees, this is the most gentle way to clean any surface and is how historic buildings are cleaned.

We most commonly use steam cleaning to clean stonework on houses, clean bricks and to remove graffiti from a magnitude of surfaces.

Adjustable Lance

Our Adjustable lance is used with hot or cold water and is mainly used where we need to frequently adjust pressure. This is the perfect tool for cleaning steps and other awkward, splashback areas along with being used for the final rise down upon completion of any job.

Chemical Application System

We have an onboard chemical application system allowing us to quickly and easily deploy chemical cleaning where required – ensuring that each and every cleaning project we carry out is always completed to the highest standard possible – leaving you as our client exceptionally pleased!