Here at Splash & Sparkle we are proud of our workmanship in the brick and stone cleaning sector.

Our van mounted steam cleaning system is capable of running at a gentle 8 litres per minute, at just 120 bar, at temperatures of up to 150 Degrees, through a ceramic steam cleaning nozzle – the perfect combination for incredible Brock & Stone cleaning results.

We love these projects, the challenges that come with stone cleaning and ultimately the results.

Efflorescence Removal

Efflorescence is a very common problem and one that we can clean away.

It is caused by salts being released from within any porous surface such as brick or stone, although it is cleanable with the correct knowledge, chemicals and equipment – it will always normally return as more salt makes its way to the surface.

Our Projects & Results

In February 2020 we were tasked with the cleaning of the brick along with all stone work at a property in surrey.

Access to the front of the building was via cherry picker and in the single day the from of this stunning property was transformed.

Dirty Cast Stone & Brickwork – Mainly Organic Growth With Some Efflorescence
Heavy Organic Staining On The Cast Stone Porch
The End Result – A Stunning, Striking Home Once Again…

In March 2019 we were asked to carry out stone cleaning in Gerrards cross by a home owner – the results speak for themselves.

After cleaning we treated the stone with a biocidal wash to help keep the stone cleaner, for longer.

Light Organic Staining To A Cast Wall Capping – Viewed From The Master Bedroom
The Cast Stone Clean – A Much Better Sight From The Master Bedroom.

In February 2019 we were tasked with the cleaning of the stonework on a rooftop terrace in Chelsea, West London.

The cast stone had been protected throughout the building works and needed a gentle restoration clean.

Paint Removal From Stone

In January 2019 we were contact by a building company regarding some emergency paint removal, London was the location of the site and we attended the very next day.

There were 18 brackets with this problem, over three floors of a scaffolded building. All were cleaned to this standard in a single working day.

The Painters Has Made A Mess, Thinking The Stone Was Going To be Covered – However The Design Of The Building Means This Stone Is Exposed At All Times
The Paint 100% Removed, Stonework Clean And A Very Relieved Builder!

Brick & Stone Cleaning Consulting

We offer a consulting and project management service to other external cleaning companies, whereby we bring the expertise and equipment to your projects.

Graffiti Removal

We operate another website showing our expertise in Graffiti Removal from all types of surfaces, including brick and stone.

We successfully removed bright red spray paint from very old and delicate white limestone at Bow Street Magistrates Court.

Red Spray Paint On Very Brittle, Aged White Limestone
The Graffiti 100% Removed Without Any Further Damage To The Brittle Stonework

If you need brick or stone cleaning anywhere in London or the Home Counties then call us today on 01494 355001